Mixed Use Environments in the Urban Future – Plaza of the Arts, Auburn, NY

“Mixed Use” is currently a buzz word in real estate development. It has been a desirable concept, but elusive for many years in denser urban areas of many cities. It first required an intrinsic local traffic demand (people spending time and money) to support a truly mixed use environment. This required there to be more retail and services available before the traffic would develop. This concept has been changing dramatically with the advent of the “millennial generation” coming into a next stage of life and making life style choices. Many times they choose a more urban environment that provides much of the concept of “mixed use” living communities within walking or rapid transit distances. Automobile transportation is no longer considered a key need for their desired activities.

The rapidly growing demand on physical bricks and mortar buildings to accommodate the retail and services desired comes the expectation that it will be more than a simple strip-mall from the past. The mixed use buildings will need to be not only functional physically, but also emotionally inviting at a casual street scape level for anticipated foot traffic. The exterior appearance of the building becomes an even more important consideration and draw.

Exterior elements include: building wall face materials or mix of materials, windows, entry doors and overhead weather protection canopy or awnings for doors and windows. Lighting is expected to be more than adequate in both general and location specific situations. Expected signage and way finding needs to provide direction and identity about a location will be needed. Typically there will be multiple smaller businesses located all through the Mixed Use streets and walkway paths. It will be expected these products will be quality and provide limited maintenance for attractive upkeep.

Mapes Architectural Canopies can readily do their part in this new “mixed use street scape” by meeting several of the above requirements. Mapes Canopies are visually complimentary to most buildings and also virtually maintenance and rust free. They will not need to be repainted every several years to restore their look. In addition, Mapes canopies can readily protect entry doors and shade store front windows. An additional capability for the canopies is the strength and engineered frame structure to accommodate all sorts of signage and lighting that might be desired by the store tenants. Options also include a variety of fascia heights and styles for almost any kind of signage or lighting style and street scape theme. With so many new and exciting options for signage and lighting being available, this choice is left for others to provide and install and be assured a Mapes Architectural Canopy will accommodate the installation very easily.

On a more technical note, Mapes Canopies has developed a wide range of wall attachment components to accommodate both new and existing building structures. We also have drainage options that range from simple scupper drainage to typical rear gutter and downspouts to underground drainage and in wall drainage. Mapes can readily provide stamped engineering calcs for all code jurisdictions and states. Last, but not least, Mapes offers a wide range of both standard finish types and two coat Kynar colors in a contemporary architectural color pallet. We can also match custom and proprietary color requests. Full sets of drawings for approval are always provided.


Architect: Crissey Architectural – Syracuse, NY
Finish: Standard class 2 clear anodized
All are 4ft projection with various widths
Materials: All rust free extruded aluminum
Support: Hanger rod style
Deck Style: Standard – 2 3.4 in
Fascia:  Standard 8 inch with optional including 24 in on corners and 12 inch on runs
Drainage: Optional internal drainage into building
New Construction

With formal stamped engineering calcs for this specific location – Auburn, NY


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