Our Customers Tell Our Story Best.

Over the years, we’ve had the honor of working with some of the most successful companies across the U.S., Canada and Caribbean. We’re proud of the success our customers have had, and the ways they’ve improved the aesthetic of the communities where they do business.

Most of all, we’re grateful for the trust they’ve put in the Mapes name.

Our National Account Program


At Mapes, we fully understand that National Account customers have specific expectations concerning schedules, consistency in design and branding and proactive account management. We meet these needs with a program designed specifically for growing national brands, based on our extensive experience with these unique customers.

Nationwide Distribution

  • Scheduling and shipping coordination assistance available
  • Consistent design details and quality products in all 50 states
  • Direct point delivery
  • Insights from our nearly 70 years of nationwide distribution experience

Design Assistance

  • Design collaboration with prototype, regional and local architects
    • This includes custom profiles and layouts
    • Custom color matching also available
  • Design details available for integration into your prototypical set of design details
  • Structural design calculations

Fabrication & Assembly

  • Products made in the U.S.A., with fabrication centralized in Nebraska
  • Environmentally friendly canopies that provide energy efficient solutions
  • Proprietary stocking program with replacement material readily available
    • Reduced lead times
    • Replacement material readily available
  • Assembly
    • Modularized sections to ease installation
    • Full canopy assembly also available

Local Code Assistance

  • Our team works with you to ensure all local codes are met.
  • Wind loads – coastal and inland
  • Snow loads – ground and drift
  • Seismic – per location

This level of support for national accounts is one of the ways Mapes and our customers remain unrivaled!

Why do national brands choose Mapes?

When architects and project designers want the best canopies, they ask for Mapes by name. Why have we been the industry standard and synonymous with quality since 1952? Many factors contribute to that answer:

Unmatched Product Quality. From the first day Mapes Industries opened our doors, we were dedicated to designing and manufacturing the best products.

Unbeatable Customer Care. We knew it wasn’t enough to simply fill a need in the market. To grow a company that also provided the highest level of customer care, we created these simple guiding principles as well, which guide us to this day:

  • Be exceptional in what you do. Settle for nothing but the highest quality, every time.
  • Conduct all business with the highest ethical standards.
  • Believe – and prove – that your word is your bond.
  • Treat your customers as partners.
  • Don’t simply sell products. Work side-by-side with our customers to solve challenges.
  • Treat each project like it’s the only one.
  • Treat each employee like a family member.

Our Customer Promise

We promise to remain the experts in our field. When building codes change, when the weather is a factor, when economic cycles present project challenges, Mapes is here. We will stand with our customers, fulfilling our promises and exceeding expectations.

This is how we remain unrivaled.

Let’s Talk!

When you’re ready to learn more, call Chad Freeburger or Kendall Frantz at 888-273-1132 or fill out the form below. One of our National Accounts team members will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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