Why Mapes?

Questions to ask when comparing a Mapes system to an alternative:


What type of finish is being used?
Mapes offers and uses a 2-coat Kynar finish which is the highest quality architectural finish in the industry and carries a standard 10-year finish warranty.

Are materials properly prepared and professionally finished?
Our materials are factory prepped in a hot chemical bath then finished in a professional facility. Materials are heat bath prepared prior to being painted in order to remove manufacturing residue and extrusion oils that can hurt finish quality if not handled properly.

What is the thickness of aluminum being used & why does it matter?
Our roll-formed aluminum decking is .040”, our extruded aluminum decking is .078” and our fascia thickness is .125”. Thicker aluminum has the ability to carry heavier pre-engineered load conditions used on Mapes canopies.


Is the entire canopy system engineered for the location or just individual components?
Our entire canopy system is specifically designed and engineered to work together to provide a unified system product performance. The connection points are engineered for multiple safety factors beyond the standard level.

Does the engineering meet all wind and drift loads for all of North America or just certain areas?
Our system can meet any and all load conditions across the continent when specified to do so.

Is engineering done in-house or by an independent third-party engineer?
We use a third-party independent engineer, who is licensed in all 50 states, which ensures an unbiased and professionally designed product.

Do they have their own proprietary extrusions/dies or do they buy materials off the shelves?
We have our own pre-engineered proprietary systems with our own specifically designed extrusions that all work together to make a complete unified system. Others, many times, purchase off the shelf stock materials and assemble with components likely mismatched when considering a totally engineered canopy system.


How long has the company been in business?
Mapes has been designing and manufacturing architectural canopies and panels for over 65 years and is in it’s 4th generation of family ownership. We focus on what we know best and don’t sacrifice on quality or canopy design integrity.

Do they specialize in commercial or residential projects?
We only focus on commercial work and design our canopies to meet the higher expectations and performance requirements of the commercial building industry.

Are they regional or national?
Mapes is a nation-wide supplier and has shipped canopies to all 50 states along with Canada and the Caribbean.


What are production lead times?
Our production facility is uniquely configured to our solely focus on our canopy product line which allows us to offer some of the best lead times in the industry.

Is their customer support team easily accessible and knowledgeable?
Mapes has a team of experienced sales and production experts that offer professional and responsive feedback and answers to questions. We are invested in the success of your project and our reputation for customer service and an unrivaled canopy product line.