Cantilever Canopies – Engineered Support with Clean Style

There are times in a design scheme that a minimal look is what you want to see and that look relates to the canopies and sunshades on the project. Mapes can do that. And do it well and with style choices you can work with to meet your design objectives. Traditionally, most of our canopies and sunshades utilize the overhead hanger rod support design. This has proven very practical and attractive style for the many projects Mapes has built over the last 50+ years. But there are times when a canopy design scheme needs a different look to compliment the overall project appearance. The look of purely cantilevered canopies fits well into these particular designs and Mapes can engineer and build many of our traditional canopies with a purely cantilevered support method. All details and options are available for the cantilevered styles with the exception of hanger rod related items. And all cantilevered styles are readily available with formal PE stamped calcs for the project location.

Cantilever style Super Lumideck canopies

img_2520One of the most popular Mapes cantilevered canopy styles is the flat soffit style Super Lumideck canopy. It combines the clean lines of a smooth soffit underside and the standard 8 inch tall fascia. This coupled  with no visible support structure from a streetscape view to take away from the uncluttered lines of the canopy. Very much reflecting on a time of minimalistic design trends of the Mid Century Modern architecture. Typically this style is configured with projections from 3-6 ft from the wall and the most commonly used at 4-5ft projections. Lengths are not limited and available as needed. Specially engineered wall attachment brackets are placed within the 8 inch canopy profile. All standard and custom finishes are available as with other Mapes canopies and drainage methods are the same as other Mapes canopies.

cantilever style lumishade canopies

IMG_6305The Mapes Lumishade style canopy is also available with cantilever support brackets. This style of canopy uses the traditional roll formed aluminum decking and pre-assembled sections. This adds texture and detailing to the underside for those who want a little more visual interest to the canopy but do not want the distraction from overhead support rods. The standard 8 inch tall fascia wraps the canopy assemble and also provides the integral drainage method standard with all Mapes canopies, regardless of support method chosen.

cantilever style Super shade canopies

M-6933 - MIDLANDS 2 - RETAIL - OFFICE - PAPILLION (32)The 3rd cantilevered option is the Mapes Super Shade sunshade. This combination offers both clean uncluttered lines accenting the  building façade as well as shading  functionality without  the concern for loading that accompanies solid deck options. While the SuperShade is an open louver style, the specially designed cantilever support brackets are designed to fit unobtrusively into the sunshade structure and blend in seamlessly. The sunshade projections are typically supplied in 2-4 ft projections and lengths as needed. As with all Mapes Lumishade style canopies, including the SuperShade, the units are shipped in pre-assembled sections for faster and simpler installation. Drainage for the open style SuperShade is not necessary. All finishes are available and the SuperShade can be supplied with PE stamped calcs for the project location.

All Mapes canopies and sunshades include fully detailed shop drawings for review and approval.


Project: Chipotle
Project Location: Cleveland, OH
 “L” shaped configuration
3’ Proj x 23’ & 23’ legs

Architect: Herschman Architects,
Cleveland, OH
Method of Support: Engineered Cantilever Brackets
Materials: All rust-free Aluminum
Finish: Clear Anodized
Deck: .040 Roll Formed Aluminum
“W” Pan Style
Fascia: 8 inch Tall J Style
Drainage: Std Front Scupper
w/ stamped calcs for location


Project: Law Office
Project Location: Omaha, NE
Architect: Purdy & Slack, Omaha
Dimensions: 2ft proj x 99’
Method of Support: Engineered cantilever brackets
Materials: All rust-free aluminum
Finish: Clear Anodized
Louvers: Standard blade style set at
45 Degrees
Fascia: Standard 8 inch tall J style
Drainage: none needed


Project: Medical Center
Project Location: Dallas, TX
 6ft proj x 34’ wide
Architect: Ascension Group Architects, Arlington, TX
Method of Support: Engineered cantilever brackets
Materials:  All rust-free aluminum
Finish: Clear Anodized
Deck: “Flat Soffit” style extruded aluminum
Fascia: Std 8 inch tall J style
Drainage: Std front scupper
w/ stamped calcs for location








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