Case Studies

How we approach each project is just as important as the beauty, quality and longevity of our canopies.

Read our case studies to get a better sense of the expertise behind the canopies.

Get the look of real wood with the advantages of pre-finished aluminum! The look & aesthetic of a woodgrain soffit along with the durability & maintenance free benefits of extruded aluminum on a Mapes Super Lumideck canopy is tough to beat. Mapes offers a specialty wood grain finish to our… [ Read More ]

One of the primary advantages of receiving a Mapes canopy fully pre-assembled is to reduce the least efficient part of the canopy installation, the field assembly of the canopy. Many times, a working construction site is less than an ideal environment to assemble a pre-fabricated canopy system. Working around ongoing… [ Read More ]

Now is the time to literally think outside of the box. The need for functional open-air spaces has never been more important to businesses whose seating has been restricted. By adding a Mapes Canopy, you can provide a covered area to protect customers and expand the outdoor seating for your… [ Read More ]

Weather protected access to dock doors requires deep projection canopies to protect door openings and truck loading / unloading.

Deep projection canopies at 8ft projection and long runs along multiple dock doors requires a unified canopy system design that can be confidently engineered to meet heavy snow and drift loads at this location. Mapes has a proven reputation for that capability over many years and many installations.

Also necessary and provided are the materials and methods and experience to anchor deep projection/high-load canopies to specially engineered precast building wall panels. Again, years of experience are critical to a successful, long term install.

Download this Case Study THE IMPORTANCE OF WHAT, WHERE AND HOW When you specify an architectural canopy, you know it’s an investment that must withstand the test of time and weather, which is why every material must be considered––from the substrate to the finish. Paint is an essential element when… [ Read More ]

Showcasing a standard Mapes flat-soffit canopy in three different wall façade treatments. Architectural styles often change with the introduction of newer materials or methods of manufacturing and construction. It can be difficult to create a harmonious mix of materials while specifying a combination of these materials and methods. It’s possible… [ Read More ]

Almost all fast-growing companies who are wanting to expand their reach across the country have the desire to build a consistent visual brand image that is a reflection of their brand name and reputation. That factor concept may seem straightforward, but can be hard to achieve without supporting vendors that… [ Read More ]

It’s a given that mixed use building environments can have a variety of visual architectural cues to mark the primary entry point of a building. If the building environment has several accessible facades, the question of what activity or business is accessible from where become an important consideration. If the… [ Read More ]

Many “professional offices” do not have ten stories above them with lots of glass, polished metal and a dramatic two story entrance to mark their location. And yet those smaller offices need and want a professional appearance to their office location and entrance that provides direction and creates a favorable… [ Read More ]

What phrase is often used in architecture? “We first shape it and then it shapes us”. Architecture with a purpose often conveys in its design and materials a message to its intended observers and customers. First State Bank Nebraska design and materials does just that. First State Bank Nebraska is… [ Read More ]