Create upscale “adaptive re-use feel” with turn-of-the-century building design influence

Form follows function” is an old saying from years ago. Not only in past building styles but in new buildings as well.

The brand new The Fresh Market building in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania is a very good example. The building follows the design themes of many years ago with durable brick exterior walls with tall light admitting windows and also the full building roof length “clear story” windows allowing natural lighting into the entire building. As in the past,  natural lighting is both a physical benefit as well as emotional. The architects at: “ api +”,  Architecture Plus International, in Tampa, Florida knew this very well and have created both a nicely designed building as well as functional.  Part of both design criteria are the Mapes SuperLumideck all extruded aluminum canopies flanking both entry doors and then reaching back along the exterior walls to offer not only  arrival weather protection but also shading for the entry area windows. The canopies complement the building style in both design and color matched coordination with other metal elements of the building. As with building styles of the past, canopies were also used for practical as well as inviting design features on buildings. You can still see this intent in some of the more elaborately detailed canopies still in place today. The Mapes canopies fill that design need today, complimenting and helping define the building and points of arrival and entrances.

 In more detail:

  • This is the Mapes Superlumideck, all extruded aluminum canopy style. It is engineered with light weight aluminum ( ½ the weight of comparable steel canopies) and is rust free. Aluminum cannot rust like steel.
  • It is uniquely designed with triple converging hanger rods to complement the brick pattern details.
  • The finish is a custom a matched “kynar” type of paint to match the building components.
  • It is an “L” shaped configuration with a 5ft projection and legs of 65 ft and 30 ft flanking the entry doors.
  • The decking is Mapes std  2 ¾ inch setting at right angles to the wall.
  • Optional fascia components provide a matching 8 inch tall fascia with outward pointing legs projecting 1 5/8 inches out.
  • Drainage is collected within the integral canopy gutters and directed to outlets that internally drain into the wall system.
  • The canopy is attached to a structure structural steel interior frame behind the brick veneer exterior.
  • Stainless steel bolts and canopy fasteners are supplied with the canopy.
  • Both flashing and overhead hanger rods are finished in color matching the canopy.
  • The canopy is sprinkled and the piping is attached and supported by the canopy deck materials.
  • Lighting is of a traditional style mounted to the walls just under the canopy deck.

 The mix of building styles and setting make this “Fresh Market” store a destination for years to come.

Project: Fresh Market
Mt. Lebanon, PA
Mapes Job Number:
api+, Tampa, FL
Canopy Style:
 Mapes SuperLumideck
Dimensions: “L” shaped configuration with a 5ft projection and legs of 65 ft and 30 ft flanking the entry doors
Finish:  Custom Matched Kynar

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