Del Ray 55, Engineered for visual appeal

The downtown area of Del Ray Beach, Florida where this project is located, has long been a destination for tourists and beach lovers.  In the last several years downtowns everywhere have been diversifying with more accommodations for both living and working in the downtown environs. While downtown Del Ray Beach is still primarily a beach destination, it is also becoming a place to live and work for locals who like to be within walking distance to where things are happening and the beach.

The featured canopy on this new office building is a good example of the upscale design requirements for entry canopies in developing downtown areas. The canopy for the Del Ray 55 Office is a traditional overhead supported style with the optional fascia extension coordinate with the classic design details of the office entry way. Additionally, being only several miles from the coast required location specific engineering to meet the 150+ mph coastal wind load codes. Not only was the canopy engineered to meet these requirements, it also needed to be able to securely attach a larger custom designed sign for this building. Mapes does not design or build signs, but we were quite confident that a quality sign company would find the canopy frame very well engineered for signage support. As the photo shows, the tall sign and support structure firmly anchored to our canopy frame compliments both the canopy and building street scape and readily identifies the building name and address. Mapes canopies are very well suited to simultaneously meet high load code requirements as well as accommodate larger signs with ease with a comfortable margin of safety within our design parameters of engineering capabilities. Sign companies can be very confident in both our engineering load capacities and in having a heavy framing structure well suited for mounting signage structures of all sizes.

Project: Del Ray Office Building
Location: Del Ray Beach, FL
Mapes Job Number: M-4844
Architect:  Anderson Architecture, Boca Ratan, FL
Mapes Canopy Style: Super Lumideck extruded aluminum hanger rod style
Size: 5ft projection x 16ft wide with a mild forward fascia curve
Finish: Mapes Std Bronze baked enamel
Engineering: Location specific, Florida Atlantic coastal codes, engineering calculations for 150+ mph wind.


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