Designed Functionality in Architecture – First State Bank Nebraska

What phrase is often used in architecture? “We first shape it and then it shapes us”. Architecture with a purpose often conveys in its design and materials a message to its intended observers and customers. First State Bank Nebraska design and materials does just that.

First State Bank Nebraska is a newly constructed building in Lincoln, Nebraska. It was opened in late Spring 2017 and sits on a corner location with high visibility in the surrounding suburban environment and growing residential neighborhoods. The design and materials convey solidarity in perception, yet a pleasing compatibility scale with the streetscape it presents to the area around it. This is a conscious effort on the part of the owners and architect chosen to execute the design—Archi + Etc. LLC, Lincoln, NE.

Mapes Canopies was pleased to be considered a part of this overall design for First State Bank Nebraska. The exterior of the building provides mixed textures of materials, as well as breaks in the façade design. This is for both function and aesthetics. The overall color tones keep to both the traditional earth tones of the Midwest and vary with the use of the textured exterior materials chosen to clad the building. Adding to this pleasing mix of exterior façade materials are the various styles of Mapes Canopies, both the SuperShade sunshade styles and the Super Lumideck solid deck entrance canopies were used on several entrances around the building. The solid deck Super Lumideck canopies and the SuperShade sunshades all use overhead hanger rod supports. The solid deck canopies are used for entrances found on all sides of the building. The sunshades are also found on all 4 sides of the building on both ground floor and the 2nd floor windows. Sizes and projections of the canopies and sunshades vary according to location on the building.

In addition to the standard styles just mentioned, a completely custom styled post-supported canopy was created for the main entrance to the bank as well as other offices in the building accessed through the main entry door. This not only is a unique building feature, it also acts as an eye catching “way finder” canopy for the main entrance to the bank. There is no doubt where customers will find the main entrance. This is in contrast to many commercial type buildings where the entrances are all very similar and the certainty of which door to enter is “not certain”. Collectively, the Mapes Canopies offer not only functionality, but also an additional pleasing interest factor to the building exterior. The Mapes standard Bronze Baked Enamel finishes blend nicely with the textures and earth tone coloration used on the entire building.

Concerning the Mapes Canopies and Sunshades, please note the following details that contributed to the choice to include Mapes products in the design.

  • Mapes Canopies and Sunshades are all pre-engineered to performance standards for use in all states and locations.
    Mapes Canopies can supply formal stamped calcs for specific project locations and for all code jurisdictions and states—both wind and snow/drift loads
  • Mapes Canopies and Sunshades are all rust free extruded aluminum for long maintenance free use.
  • Mapes Canopies and Sunshades are all factory pre-finished with choice of Clear anodized or White or Bronze Baked Enamel or Kynar finishes.
  • Mapes Canopies and Sunshades are all shipped factory precut to size for field assembly or optionally factory preassembled for faster installation.
  • Mapes Canopies and Sunshades are assembled with standard Stainless steel fasteners shipped with each canopy.
  • Mapes Canopies and Sunshades provide internal water drainage to discharge via standard front scuppers or optional rear gutters and downspouts.
  • Mapes Canopies and Sunshade will all have complete and detailed shop drawings provided for approval and installation instruction.
  • Mapes Canopies has been manufacturing canopies for nationwide distribution for over 60 years, starting in 1952.
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