When you build anything in a coastal zone of Florida, you need to expect some very windy days. Enough to huff and puff and blow your house down. This 5 Guys Restaurant is only 15 miles inland from Ft Myers Beach, Florida and is in a windy 130 mph wind zone. The structure was built to the local codes and the Mapes Lumishade canopies attached to the building were engineered and stamped to meet these “location specific” (Ft Myers) codes for wind. There are 4 canopies on this building and all meet or exceed the local building codes of 130 mph sustained winds and 160 mph ultimate winds per architect specifications. All canopies were stamped for the specified performance by a registered Florida structural engineer prior to manufacture.

In overview, some details of construction and attachment should be noted. The building structure itself is built to local codes and is constructed of 8 inch filled and reinforced CMU block. The Mapes Lumishade canopies are bolted to that CMU wall with full thru bolts at the upper hanger rod connections and at the lower deck frame connections. The front entrance canopy is a 5ft projection x 23ft wide canopy using a total of 15 – ½ inch diameter though bolts anchoring that one canopy to and through the 8 inch CMU wall. The overhead hanger rods are spaced on a nominal 5ft spacing. All anchor bolts have 3 inch diameter x ¼ thick steel backing plates on the inside face of the CMU walls to prevent any chance of bolt pull through under maximum wind uplift or down draft. The overhead hanger rods are 1-1/8 inch diameter galvanized and powder coated steel tube to prevent wind uplift deflection.

The 3 smaller canopies to the side of the building are 3 ft projection x 10ft wide and are constructed and attached in the same methods and materials as the front entrance canopy.

Incidental information includes: standard front scupper drainage and standard 7 inch x 7 inch hanger rod escutcheon plates finished to match canopies.

PROJECT: College Plaza – Phase 2
LOCATION: Fort Myers, Florida
ARCHITECT: William Kyle Kitchens Architect – Fort Myers, Florida
CANOPY STYLE: Mapes Lumishade Hanger Rod Style
FINISH: Custom Matched Powder Coat.
BUILDING CODE REFERENCE NOTES: Building and canopies comply with 2010 Florida Building Code.


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