Floss Dental, A Simple Shading Solution

The building design and usage required substantial natural lighting and benefited from the southern exposure for that purpose. But along with the benefit came the heat gain situation with the larger windows being used. It was a natural conclusion to provide a shading component to the building façade which faces south. Mapes SuperShade sunshade was specified and installed to achieve effective shading and heat gain moderation. As the building style was a clean contemporary look, the SuperShade needed be the same to blend in nicely. The optional mix of simple single blade supports and 8 inch airfoil blades were chosen as a good aesthetic fit for the project appearance. And to be truly effective in shading, a 7ft projection was specified for the 70ft long SuperShade sunshade. The feel of the building paint colors and field stone elements at the wall base invited similar color choices for the SuperShade which is finished in Mapes standard bronze baked enamel. The wall attachments and brackets were fabricated and supplied by Mapes to assure the 7ft project will remain firmly in place for years to come. The 7ft projection truly creates effective shading in the summer months and are positioned at a sunshine warming height for the winter months.

Project Details

Project: Floss Dental Office
Canopy Style: SuperShade sunshade with “Air Foil Style” louver blades
Location: Lincoln, NE
Mapes Product Number: M-5604
Architect: Clark Architectural Collaborative, Lincoln , NE
Size: 7ft projection x 70 ft wide
Finish: Mapes std bronze baked enamel

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