Deep Projection Canopies Capable of Meeting High-Load Requirements

Overview of Project:

Project Name: Integrated Medical Service Center

Project Location: Omaha, NE

Product Used: Super Lumideck Flat Soffit Hanger Rod

Basic Goal(s) of the Project:

Weather protected access to dock doors requires deep projection canopies to protect door openings and truck loading / unloading.

Deep projection canopies at 8ft projection and long runs along multiple dock doors requires a unified canopy system design that can be confidently engineered to meet heavy snow and drift loads at this location. Mapes has a proven reputation for that capability over many years and many installations.

Also necessary and provided are the materials and methods and experience to anchor deep projection/high-load canopies to specially engineered precast building wall panels. Again, years of experience are critical to a successful, long term install.

What Problem Was Solved:

The calculated drift load to be supported will be approx. 80 lbs per sf.  This needs to be accomplished at L/180.

Loads were supported by engineered wall anchors. Oversized anchor thru bolts were used at hanger rod upper attachment points. Std size anchor thru bolts were used in tandem at each lower attachment point coinciding with hanger rod locations.

To handle the calculated load requirements, optional high-load deck was used which doubles the vertical 3 inch tall deck ribbing to ensure the “High Load Canopy” capacity and L/180 deflection limit specification.

Specially engineered optional “frame stiff backs” were added for high drift loads calculated.  Also provided: a unique engineering option for Mapes “High Load Canopies” designed for this situation years ago.

Critical to precast wall integrity was a specific request that all the attachment thru bolt wall penetrations be made away from panel vertical joints and set off from horizontal panel joints. This was accomplished by custom lengths of canopy support rods and spacing support rods as necessary.

Optional aesthetic requests included taller exterior fascia extensions to nominal 12 inches and optional color choice of 2-coat Kynar in a Regal Red. See Mapes std 2 coat Kynar color chart.

What Set Us Apart on this Project:

First – All of Mapes “Super Lumideck” canopies are pre-engineered “total systems” that work together to meet any specified loading requirement.   All Mapes canopies are collective systems that are designed and engineered to function as a system and not just a collection of parts which is no stronger than its weakest link.  This would be characteristic of generic canopies assembled from stock components from a supplier warehouse.  As “an engineered system” all components are matched to the project requirements.

Mapes products can readily meet any stamped engineering requirements throughout the country.

2nd – Mapes engineered, flexible design canopy structures easily allow varied attachment wall anchor points onto the building depending on the design intent. Though years of experience with a wide range of installation requirements, Mapes has gathered a wide range of special attachment fasteners and methods that allow us to successfully attach to any wall structure or combination of structures and meet all necessary engineering requirements. In those situations, we are able to readily meet load requirements and provide stamped engineered drawings for our canopies.  This makes it much more feasible to provide canopies within the designer’s aesthetic intent.

3rd – Mapes canopies are available as ready to field assemble with all fasteners and holes pre-punched and materials cut to size with highly detailed shop drawings included OR as completely assembled units ready to hang. We routinely ship out 16ft long or longer canopies with 4-6 ft projections, all palleted, crated and wrapped ready to lift into place as needed.

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