Exploring New Techniques in Defining Entrances – Madison Public Library

It’s a given that mixed use building environments can have a variety of visual architectural cues to mark the primary entry point of a building. If the building environment has several accessible facades, the question of what activity or business is accessible from where become an important consideration. If the building is approached by vehicle, the need for easy and quick and certain wayfinding is more important than simple approaching on foot. In some cases, the building design helps create the wayfinding. There needs to be an element to the primary entrances that offers that information on approach.

Tradition has created the expectation of those cues that identify both the type of business and the primary entry points. Those cues include architectural elements, entrance doorways, entry coverage of some sort, lighting and signage. While the style of the building and entrance is a result of the building design, the addition of visual and functional elements will need to be added to the exterior of the building. Those will include additional entrance enhancements that can also carry desirable lighting and signage for easier wayfinding and safety at the entrances. Mapes canopies provide solutions for those issues very well.

The canopy style that was used for the Madison Public Library in Madison, Wisconsin is the Mapes Super Lumideck style that is fabricated with all rust-free extruded aluminum. The canopy provides a visual complement to the building entrance as well as additional entry way protection and weather coverage over the entry steps. It was specifically engineered to handle the heavy snow and drift loads of Wisconsin. In addition to live snow loads it can support, it was also designed to carry loads imparted by larger heavier signage that was desired for quick and easy wayfinding at this entry point. The heavy duty framing that is part of the Super Lumideck design not only easily carries the weight of snow and signage but also greatly aids in the rock solid mounting attachment points for sign mounting and bracing. With the load carrying capacity and the available mounting point structural framing, the Super Lumideck becomes an ideal carrier for all sizes and type of both signage and lighting with no concern for structural capability. In one item are the solutions to several concerns with entry location, entry identity signage mounting and weather protective abilities for all types of building entry situations.

This canopy was finished in a maintenance free clear anodized finish with options for Kynar colors if wanted. Drainage was via rear downspouts for simplicity but internal building drainage options are available as well. Canopy support is supplied by overhead hanger rods anchored into the building’s structural framing.

Madison Public Library – Madison, WI

Mapes Super Lumideck style canopy.
Nominal 8 ft projection x 29 ft width.

Materials: All extruded, rust free aluminum
Finish: Clear anodized
Deck: Standard 2¾” style set at right angles
Fascia: Standard 8″ tall “J” style on 4 sides  with 4″ fascia extensions
Building attachment: Overhead hanger rod style
Drainage: Optional rear downspouts at corners
Highlighted Feature: Sign Mount Capability

Large heavy weight signs can easily be carried.
Canopy frame supports high signage loads.
The canopy frame itself provides strong mounting points.
Sign attachment / bracing can easily be bolted or welded to canopy frame.
Canopy can easily be walked upon by several people at one time.
Canopy can easily handle wind and snow loads signage may encounter.
Note:  this signage is back lit for added night time visibility.

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