National Accounts—Public Storage Canopies

Almost all fast-growing companies who are wanting to expand their reach across the country have the desire to build a consistent visual brand image that is a reflection of their brand name and reputation. That factor concept may seem straightforward, but can be hard to achieve without supporting vendors that understand how important that concept is. A vendor must be aware of a client’s critical design elements that are needed for consistency and work hand in hand to achieve them. There are several important facets to that principal of consistent product delivery and image presentation. Most especially when varied locations and tight delivery schedules are critical in an ever-growing reach of expansion.

As a long-time manufacturer / vendor of high quality architectural canopies throughout the US, Mapes Canopies understands the needs of National Account customers. Mapes Canopies has established a dedicated department with experienced people who “get it” and are focused on just the needs of National Account clients. This group has met with national account customers as part of their role and understands the specifics that are both wanted and needed by this group of customers.

Some of the collective requests expressed in meetings with their customers stress the need for appearance standardization to reflect the company image they want to put forth. Standardization is the catch-all term used to describe several critical factors that need to be consistent across the board and across their market areas. More specifically, these include the following items of top priority for those using architectural canopies as part of their building appearance package.

The canopy must convey a consistency in structural aesthetics, functionality as specified and a tight color match with corporate / proprietary color renditions. Exact color matches are an absolute necessity and can identify a brand as much or more than any other aspect of the brand image effort. All of this must be delivered on schedule and in all areas of the country as the customer continues to grow and expand their brand.

In addition to these critical product specifications, customers would also like to have flexible options available to them as needs arise in the process of growth and expansion. A very frequent request is the assurance that Mapes Canopies can accommodate an “in house stocking program” with their specific product. This would allow them a timelier and cost saving arrangement for delivery from Mapes dedicated inventory of their product in their color choice.

Another much appreciated option with Mapes Canopies is the knowledgeable design and engineering suggestions and assistance with potential canopy prototypes that may be wanted by the customer for future projects. This can include suggestions on lighting, signage or drainage options available from outside supporting vendors. With decades of experience, we are able to help facilitate partnerships and make recommendations to other companies that can supply those specific products that can be used with our canopies.

And last, but not least, is the flexibility for canopy procurement depending on varying factors the customer encounters along the way. This includes options to buy directly from Mapes to facilitate timelier on-site delivery, in lieu of typical purchase and delivery through the General Contractor or a dealer. We can also help to coordinate the installation or any other purchasing combination to best accommodate the schedules and needs of the National Account customer…Mapes Canopies is ready, willing and able to help keep things moving forward as needed by the customer.

Our National Accounts department and team is here just for the single purpose of helping National Accounts customers to “simplify the process” and “make it easy”!

Public Storage – Parker, CO

Mapes “SuperLumideck” style hanger rod canopy

Architect: Galloway A & E, Greenwood Village, CO

Canopy Materials: All extruded rust-proof aluminum

Canopy dimensions: 5 feet projection X 78 feet long

Finish: 2 coat Kynar – Proprietary “Public Storage Orange”

Deck Style: Mapes standard 2 ¾ inch

Fascia: 12-inch-tall optional style

Drainage: downspouts into underground leaders


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