First State Bank of Nebraska

Lincoln, NE

Project Number: M-9660
CATEGORY: Super Lumideck

Project Details

Project Location: Lincoln, NE
Architect: Archi + Etc. LLC—Lincoln, NE

Mapes “SUPERSHADE” Style Sunshades – Standard Design
Featured Sunshades: Outside Corner “SuperShade” style canopy with hanger rod support—4’ projection with legs 19’ long on each side
SuperShade Materials: All rust-proof extruded aluminum
Mapes standard Bronze Baked Enamel
Structural Canopy Support:
Overhead hanger rods & lower attachment points through bolted thru tilt wall with crush sleeves for masonry veneer
Standard 8″ tall extruded aluminum set at 45 degree back slant
Fascia: Standard 8″ tall “J” style
Standard front scupper—acts as weeps on SuperShades

Mapes “Superlumideck” Style Entrance Canopy – Custom Design
Dimensions: Nominal 20′ wide x 11′ wide x 10′ clearance
Mapes ”Super Lumideck” style all rust-proof extruded aluminum
Mapes standard 2 ¾ deck style running with the length Primary supporting beam at base of angled beams, running in the long direction, 6″ x 10″
Primary support posts:
6″ x 6″ supporting primary beam set into concrete with decorative masonry columns
Standard 6″ tall, all sides
Choice of scupper or external standard downspout leaders

Note: This project utilized many Mapes canopies and sunshades on all sides.

*Stamped calcs supplied by Mapes per job location.
Available anywhere in the U.S. when specified.

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