The Fresh Market

Mt. Lebanon, PA

Project Number: M-6563
CATEGORY: Super Lumideck

Project Details

Project Location: Mt. Lebanon, PA

Architect: api+ / Architecture Plus International, Tampa, FL

Materials: All extruded aluminum

Finish: Kynar – custom color matched to building

Elements: “Sea Green”

Deck: Std 2 ¾ ” style set at right angles to wall

Support Method: Uniquely designed “triple converging” overhead hanger rods with thru bolts into structural steel.

Fascia Style: Optional 8″ tall fascia with 1 5/8″ outward pointing legs.

Drainage: Internal drainage, specially connected from the canopy guttering to leaders within walls. “Sprinkled” per code with piping supported by canopy deck with Stainless Steel bolts.

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