Specialty Woodgrain Finishes

Get the look of real wood with the advantages of pre-finished aluminum!
The look & aesthetic of a woodgrain soffit along with the durability & maintenance free benefits of extruded aluminum on a Mapes Super Lumideck canopy is tough to beat.

  • Mapes offers a specialty wood grain finish to our canopies that carries the same warranty as our premium 2-coat Kynar finish.
  • The same easy and straight forward installation with no additional material needed.
  • No need for replacement wood planks or ongoing maintenance.

With plenty of color options and patterns to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the one that creates a unique and inspiring architectural design!
Often times, architects/designers/building owners want the look of a real wood canopy but don’t want the hassle and expense of dealing with ongoing maintenance and frequent replacement. They want the beautiful aesthetic of wood with the performance and durability of a pre-fab Mapes extruded aluminum canopy system.

Instead of trying to incorporate a third-party composite wood material to an already pre-engineered canopy system, Mapes presented our customer with a specialty woodgrain finish option to our extruded aluminum flat soffit deck pans. This eliminated the need for additional materials and further onsite coordination while not altering the standard installation and assembly of the canopy. No special hardware or attachment frames were required and no undesired penetrations to the decking or integral gutter were needed.

Mapes only uses the highest quality finishes on our aluminum canopies. The Decoral finishing system allows our customers the option to select a real wood look to our canopy soffit while maintaining the highest quality finish and warranties.

How does it work? Decoral finishing is a technology made to decorate metal surfaces which is based on the chemical-physical process of sublimation.

Our extruded aluminum deck pans are pre-treated and then powder coated for protection. Then they are wrapped with a decorative film printed with special inks. It is vacuum sealed and placed in an oven where the film pattern is transferred to the aluminum. Once the film is removed, the end result is a beautiful woodgrain pattern permanently inked to our extrusions.
Mapes pre-assembled the canopies with the woodgrain soffit and the GC finalized the installation by positioning the canopies on the building and bolting them to the structure!

Products featured in this case study: Super Lumideck with Flat Soffit decking.

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