One Style, Many Uses — Mapes SuperLumideck Clear Anodized Canopies

Showcasing a standard Mapes flat-soffit canopy in three different wall façade treatments.

Architectural styles often change with the introduction of newer materials or methods of manufacturing and construction. It can be difficult to create a harmonious mix of materials while specifying a combination of these materials and methods. It’s possible to create a combination of materials that clash in appearance and methods of construction. This is a very common challenge with mixing of types of exterior finish materials.

Adding to that challenge is the choice to include an architectural canopy into the mix of materials. Such a prominent part of an exterior façade appearance is an important part of the design consideration. An architect / designer must have confidence that the canopy will perform as required and look good against a variety of exterior wall materials, both in a classic tradition of materials or a mix of some of the newer and very attractive materials that have become available in the last 20 years. Mapes canopies have shown to be an excellent choice in meeting both the functional requirements of wind load and snow load engineered requirements and at the same time adding nicely to the overall appearance scheme of the building exterior.

In looking at the pictures related to this case study, there are three good examples of different wall façade treatments. And included in each is a Mapes SuperLumideck all-extruded, aluminum canopy with flat soffit and clear anodized finish. These three pictures show the canopy fitting into completely different styles of exterior materials in a very attractive way. The key to fitting in is a combination of a clean design that does not draw away from the aesthetics of the build exterior, but at the same time complements the total appearance in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

A Mapes SuperLumideck canopy is a win win addition to almost any building exterior finish. It can carry itself well in styles that range from traditional material exteriors to the newest mixed material styles that combine materials from the most traditional materials. If the designer wishes to further expand the exterior appearance diversity, Mapes Architectural Canopies are also available in many standard and custom matched Kynar colors to further accent the building façade and eye-catching appeal.

With the Mapes Architectural canopy, the designer can be confident that they can have both proven performance capability in wind and snow loads, including stamped engineering calcs to validate performance, and a very attractive canopy with the same product. The best of both worlds from one single-source manufacturer of architectural canopies since 1952.

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