Original Canopies for Original Buildings

The architectural styles that dominate the city of Santa Fe, NM are predominately of a strong Southwestern style with coloration that blends well with the surrounding geography. In newer commercial architecture, you often find a interpretation of traditional colors and styles blended into the corporate identity of the building design. In designing the new buildings, there has been an ever increasing effort to acknowledge the traditions of both style or color choices incorporated into the new construction appearance. This effort influences the building appearance even if the fundamental project requirements dictate the building design itself. That was the circumstance with the new Wagon Self Storage and Santa Fe Wine Storage building on the south side of Santa Fe.

The requirements of a successful self storage building mandates a design that is both efficient in accessibility and efficient in use of available land. Aesthetic designs are very likely one of “form follows function” in the building structure. But as self-storage projects become more a part of everyday life, they are being designed with more inviting aesthetics and comfortable aspects of usage for the customer base. That means efforts are being made to create a more pleasing and inviting exterior appearance to the installation. Depending on the demographics for the customer base, the appearance of quality and security as well as convenient access, becomes an very important aspect of the project design. With those parameters in mind, the architects for the Wagon Self Storage and the Santa Fe Wine Storage facility have incorporated these attributes into the new Self-Storage and Wine Storage facility. Exterior colors for the pre-engineered building were chosen to reflect the local desert geography using earth tones of bronze and reddish and greyish sandstones. Also, Mapes Canopies were also chosen to compliment this all important appearance aspect of this project. The finish color on Mapes Supershade sunshades is a traditional clear anodized aluminum finish and was chosen to match the window and door frame finish color.  The combination of both natural landscape materials around the building and contemporary metal materials on the building exterior makes for a very contemporary up-to-date design look.

The most dominate design influence for a project like this is the building itself. By reason of functional and economic necessity, almost all newer major self-storage facilities are built around pre-engineered metal structures of some design configuration that meets the fundamental requirements of security and efficient access for the customer. Under the design guidance of good visionary architects, metal buildings can be designed with very pleasing aesthetics by means of exterior façade treatments and color choices. Such was the case with Wagon Self Storage in Santa Fe. Windows and doors become not only functional but also designed to enhance and create interest factors with the overall building appearance. And with those features, comes the opportunity to incorporate additional exterior treatments by means of Mapes style canopies and Supershade sunshades. The architects for this project created further unique “interest aspects” to the building façade by designing a dramatic outside corner “Supershade” sunshade on the SW elevation of the Wine Storage part of the project. Another benefit of such a dramatic corner Sunshade, with its deep corner projection and tapering legs, is the “way finding” visual cue that says “this is the Wagon Self Storage and Wine Storage location” It helps promote the perception of stature and quality to the overall project impression.

It goes without saying that the Mapes Supershade sunshade, with its functional projection and located on the SW façade over the windows and doors, has a heat gain mitigating influence on that side of the building.

The Supershade frame also allows for the mounting of the installed LED lighting to illuminate the signage on the building walls above the sunshades.

Project Note:  There were additional canopies and sunshades on other sides of the building for both functional and aesthetic purposes.
Styles: Outside corner canopy with hanger rod support. Max 8ft projection at corner. With a tapered leg of 33 ft long & a standard rectangular leg of 25ft long.
Notes: This canopy design façes the SW and offers shading to the south and west façades. Also the canopy offers double duty in that it is very eye catching and complements the metal building styling. Also it acts as a dramatic confirming “way finding style” to those looking for this location.
Additional note: This canopy and many other styles Mapes supplies is attached to a metal building. Mapes is very Experienced with the design and engineering for canopies onto metal buildings and their special Attachment requirements.
Architect: Studio Southwest Architects, Inc – Albuquerque, NM
Supershade materials: All rust-proof extruded aluminum.
Finish: Class 2 anodized.
Structural canopy support – Overhead: Hanger rods thru bolted to interior frame w/ compression tubes.
Structural support – Lower attachment: Thru bolts into interior frame w/ compression tubes to prevent wall crushing.
Louver style: Std 8 inch tall extruded alum blades set at 45 degree back slant.
Fascia style: Std 8 inch tall “J” style
With formal stamped engineering calcs for this specific location Santa Fe, NM
*NOTE: Project also included 4 additional std rectangular “Supershade” style canopies of similar details and materials , 4ft proj x 18ft wide


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