Your Space Storage, Functional and Inviting

Many times either the reality or the perception of mini storage facilities is more toward the very functional appearance, which is understandable. But as the use of mini storage facilities has become almost a norm, the design appearance has been upgraded with more inviting styles and details. Your Space Storage in Joppatown, Maryland is an excellent example. In addition to a substantial overall upgrade in building style, Mapes Flat Soffit Super Lumideck canopies were added to the exterior facade over the customer reception area and side utility doors. The use of the deeper projection canopies not only protects the entrances but also offers substantial shading to the interior spaces on this southern facing building. In addition to the durable practicality of the Mapes canopies, a bright blue Kynar finish was used to compliment both the building color tones and also works well with other primary colors used on surrounding building items. The overall effect is both pleasing and inviting for something not known for being much more than a functional undertaking—storing of stuff. And the Mapes bright blue canopies are an important part of that first impression upon arriving—with the Kynar finish and durable construction, they will continue that function for years to come.

Project Details

Project: Your Space Storage
Canopy Style: Super Lumideck Flat Soffit
Location: Joppatown, MD
Mapes Product Number: M-4013
Drainage: Internal

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