Capital Row Apartments

Omaha, NE

Project Number: M-5533
CATEGORY: Lumishade

Project Details


ARCHITECT: Holland Basham Architects – Omaha, NE

MATERIAL: All aluminum deck and framing.

FINISH: Mapes standard clear anodized.

DIMENSIONS: Outside mitered corner unit; 6 ft projection with legs of 38ft and 26ft respectively.

FASCIA: Optional 12 inch tall “bent plate” fascia with 1 5/8 inch legs turned outward. Taller bent plate attaches to standard 8 inch tall “J” style fascia acting as a sub fascia and integral gutter for canopy. Bent plate is mounted allowing 2 inches above and 2 inches below the standard 8 inch fascia component.

DECKING: Mapes standard 2 1⁄2 inch deep roll formed aluminum “W” pan style (.040) setting parallel to wall.

HANGER RODS: Standard 1 inch diameter powder coated to match canopy finish color.

ESCUTCHEON PLATES: Integral square steel plates welded onto steel tabs projecting out from structural steel interior framing for hanger rod attachment purposes. Tabs and plates supplied by others.

WALL ATTACHMENT: Upper connection: hanger rods attached to steel tabs by others, welded onto interior steel frame and projecting out past wall face for attachment lower connection: through bolts into structural steel framing behind cast stone lintels over window areas. Through bolts provided by Mapes with lengths as required.

DRAINAGE: Full width rear gutter with Mapes optional downspouts going into underground leaders at sidewalk level. (Optional simple standard scuppers are available for open discharge from canopy height).

FINISHES AVAILABLE: Clear anodized. Bronze or white baked enamel.

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