Omaha, NE

Project Number: M-4424
CATEGORY: SuperShade

Project Details


ARCHITECT: Alley Poyner Macchietto Architects – Omaha, NE

MATERIAL: All extruded aluminum. 6063-T6.

FINISH: Mapes standard clear anodized.

DIMENSIONS: 11 sunshades, all at 5 ft projection. Widths range from 11ft – 16ft with over half of the units at 16ft wide.

FASCIA: Optional 12 inch tall “bent plate” fascia with 1 5/8 inch legs turned outward. Taller bent plate attaches to standard 8 inch tall “g” style fascia acting as the sub fascia and integral gutter for canopy if needed. Bent plate is mounted allowing for 2 inches above and 2 inches below the standard 8 inch “g” style fascia component.

SUNSHADE LOUVER INSERTS: Standard extruded aluminum 6063-T6 at 45 degree back slant on nominal 8 inch spacings between blades. (Louver blade spacing variable as requested or needed).

HANGER RODS: Standard 1” inch diameter powder coated to match canopy finish color.

ESCUTCHEON PLATES: Standard 3 inch dia round x 1⁄4 inch thick plates powder coated to match canopy finish.

WALL ATTACHMENT: Upper and lower attachment locations: anchor bolts threaded into pre-threaded interior structural framing components. Specially prepared pre-threaded components located behind upper cast stone exterior and lower window header construction. Bolts / anchor bolts, including steel compression tubes where needed, provided by Mapes with lengths as required.

DRAINAGE: None needed except small fascia weep holes at front corners.

FINISHES AVAILABLE: Clear anodized. Bronze or white baked enamel.

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