Sterling Heights, MI

Project Number: M-5769
CATEGORY: Lumishade

Project Details


ARCHITECT: Studio Design Architects – Westland, MI

MATERIAL: All extruded aluminum. 6063-T6.

FINISH: Paint custom-matched to Mazda green.

CONFIGURATION:  Design note: only the green aluminum decking and green aluminum support beams are supplied by Mapes. The center support posts and cantilevered arms are white painted steel and supplied by others. Our deck and beams set onto the steel frame by others.

DIMENSIONS: Nominal 36 ft wide x 22 ft deep not including narrow tail section along side of building. The arc radius is nominal 15 ft.

FASCIA: 12 inch total height comprised of 8 inch tall “ g “ style extruded aluminum standard fascia (.125 thick) with 4 inch tall extruded aluminum fascia extension. The fascia extension face is set flush with the lower 8 inch “g” fascia component. Standard fascia and fascia extension are on all 4 sides.

DECKING: 5 inch deep, heavy load capacity, extruded aluminum with decking set at right angles to wall. Decking is .078 thick 6063 –t6 extruded aluminum.

CANOPY DECK SUPPORT BEAMS: Mapes 6 x 6 extruded aluminum open top box beams which directly support the deck and are set onto steel beams by others. Attachment of Mapes aluminum beams to steel beams is designed and supplied by others.

CANOPY SUPPORT NOTE: This is a totally free-standing canopy system. The canopy decking butts into the building face but is not supported by the building in any way.

SUPPORT POSTS: Steel materials locally fabricated and installed by others.

DRAINAGE: Downspouts are attached to either end of the center located Mapes 6 x 6 inch aluminum deck support beam. This beam drains the decking into the mapes aluminum center support beam and then to grade via downspouts. (Optional drainage method: simple scuppers attached to the underside of the Mapes 6 x 6 inch beams for open discharge from beam height).

FINISHES AVAILABLE: Clear anodized. Bronze or white baked enamel.

DESIGN NOTE:  Lighting and signage by others.

DESIGN NOTE: The narrow extension canopy on the left side of the larger post supported canopy shown in the picture is a separate Mapes “hanger rod style” canopy and is attached independently of the post supported canopy.

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