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When you choose to work with Mapes, you receive a lot more than the industry’s best canopies. You get something no one else can offer —peace of mind that your vision will shine through, confidence that comes from working with people who have invaluable experience and expertise, live support for your calls and questions, and a true partner who is invested in your project. Your success is our number one priority.


How we approach each project is just as important as the beauty, quality and longevity of our canopies. Read our case studies to get a better sense of the expertise behind the canopies.

Featured Case Studies

Download this Case Study THE IMPORTANCE OF WHAT, WHERE AND HOW When you specify an architectural canopy, you know it’s an investment that must withstand the test of time and weather, which is why every material must be considered––from the substrate to the finish. Paint is an essential element when… [ Read More ]

Showcasing a standard Mapes flat-soffit canopy in three different wall façade treatments. Architectural styles often change with the introduction of newer materials or methods of manufacturing and construction. It can be difficult to create a harmonious mix of materials while specifying a combination of these materials and methods. It’s possible… [ Read More ]


No matter where you are in the process, our resources will help you every step of the way —from choosing a color for your canopy to installing it.

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