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From your initial vision to the aesthetic details, you invest yourself in every architectural project you undertake. At Mapes, we’ve been investing ourselves in creating the best canopies on the market for nearly seven decades.

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These decades of experience help us lead the industry in engineering and design technology, precision manufacturing, quality and unparalleled lead times. Our highly qualified industry experts will work with you directly, ensuring that you reach the perfect solution for your project, so your vision shines through.

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How we approach each project is just as important as the aesthetic appeal, quality and durability of our canopies. These customer case studies will give you insight into how we partner with companies, share our expertise and solve unique challenges with our canopies.

Featured Case Studies

Weather protected access to dock doors requires deep projection canopies to protect door openings and truck loading / unloading.

Deep projection canopies at 8ft projection and long runs along multiple dock doors requires a unified canopy system design that can be confidently engineered to meet heavy snow and drift loads at this location. Mapes has a proven reputation for that capability over many years and many installations.

Also necessary and provided are the materials and methods and experience to anchor deep projection/high-load canopies to specially engineered precast building wall panels. Again, years of experience are critical to a successful, long term install.

Download this Case Study THE IMPORTANCE OF WHAT, WHERE AND HOW When you specify an architectural canopy, you know it’s an investment that must withstand the test of time and weather, which is why every material must be considered––from the substrate to the finish. Paint is an essential element when… [ Read More ]

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