Professional Office Building

Camillus, NY

Project Number: M-8606
CATEGORY: Super Lumideck

Project Details

Professional Office Building
This new building was designed by the primary tenant for their use.

Project Location: Camillus, NY
Project Designer: St. Germaine & Aupperle – E & A , Camillus, NY
Canopy Style: Mapes Superlumideck with hanger rod supports.
Dimensions: Forward curved style @ 4’6″ projection X 16′ wide.
Materials: All rust free extruded aluminum.
Finish: Mapes standard bronze baked enamel.
Deck: Mapes 2 ¾” “standard” style.
Fascia: Mapes standard 8′ tall “J” style on 4 sides.
Drainage: Standard front scupper drainage.
Canopy wall attachment points: Thru bolts at upper hanger rods and lower attachments with stainless steel assembly bolts and fully detailed shop drawings for approval.

*Stamped calcs supplied by Mapes per job location.
Available anywhere in the U.S. when specified.

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